High Tides Strike Again

On a stormy Monday, it was another tough night for our remaining nests.  Our brave walkers battled the rain and the tides to check them out.

Zone 1 - The one remaining nest looked fine.

Zone 2 - (requested Sandy as First Responder take equipment out between storms)

          - Nest #60 which we inventory on Tuesday had a hole

           - Nest #68 (in front of Bob Mason's house) which previously had 3 poles is now missing                 all of the poles

           - Nest #56 (in front of second house past the club) - the pole couldn't be read but more                 importantly couldn't even find the screen.

Zone 3 - Nests 54, 55 and 64 were still in place but, all had been washed over. #64 has a thick                    layer of sand on top.  Mike will remove excess sand once system passes.

 Zone 4 - Nest #65 was washed over;  Karen removed the accumulated rack.

                - Nest #66 was washed over;  Karen removed the accumulated rack but will need a                         shovel to remove sand accumulation.

  - submitted by Judy Morr