T Shirt Pick Up Party and 1st Crawl of the Season

Only one week after the T Shirt Pick Up Party and we already have our first crawl. The T Shirt Party was well attended and the new pink shirts received (almost) universal acclaim.

Buoyed by the announcement of South Carolina's first nest earlier in the week, Walkers for all four zones decided to start a day early. Their dedication was rewarded when Pat and Bill Greubel, Carol Agusta and Sherry Vincent found the first crawl of the season on Zone 3 just south of Boardwalk #4. Beautsie Zahrn, Sandy MacCoss and Terry Fansler searched in vain for the nest and finally declared it a false crawl. But now we know they're here!

In other news, Karen "anything for the turtles" Sewell reported alligator tracks on Zone 2 and was nipped by a dog on her way home. Be alert out there!