Nests 21 & 22

Zone 2 walkers Anne Hess, Pat Backstrom, Pat's granddaughter Ava Nelson, Judy Morr, and visitors Brad Halleron and son Peter found a crawl immediately in front of the 3 relocated nests south of the yellow house. Judy Morr probed and found Nest #21.  Bill Greubel brought the equipment. The 104 eggs were moved back about 10 feet to higher ground with the primary effort being done by Peter and Ava.

Zone 4 walkers Sandy MacCoss and Dean Morr found a crawl totally above the high tide line all the way around the bend at the inlet. Great find by Sandy and Dean as the crawl started in the weeds! Bill Greubel responded and found Nest #22.  The nest had 96 eggs and was relocated near the second dog sign.

Another great day for turtles and turtlers!