Nests #25 & 26

Valerie and Mark Doane  and Susie Firesheets were busy with 3 crawls. The crawls at boardwalks #4 and #6 were false but the crawl at boardwalk #3 was the real thing. Nest # 25 was found by Jen Gibson and moved to near boardwalk #5. 

Zone 2 had Karen Sewell walking alone but she spied a crawl in front of the Beach Club Villas. Sandy MacCoss found nest # 26 with 105 eggs. They moved it around the corner on North Beach.

On Zone 1 Bob McBride called with the sad news that we may have lost part of nest #24. The screen was hanging over the ledge. Sandy MacCoss and Karen Sewell moved 107 eggs from nest #24  to a new nest on zone 1 at the blue flags set out for nests by Terry, Gary Fanster and Bill Nelson last week.There were also 2 broken eggs in the original nest. Doesn't look like we lost that nest after all.