Nests 15 & 16

All four beach zones participated.

Zone 1: First year walker Jacquie DePalma left her Beach Club Villa to walk Zone 1.  Just at the end of her boardwalk her sharp eyes spotted a crawl.  Although officially a nest in Zone 2, she came back to encourage the Zone 2 team.  

Zone 2: Anne Hess, Pat Backstrom and Judy Morr had barely made it on the beach when they met Jaquie and saw the interesting crawl.  The mama went up in to the grasses and turned and slid back down to the beach. It looked like 3 body pits with minimal thrown sand but a lot of disturbed vegetation.  After extensive probing and digging Judy found the nest. Sandy MacCoss arrived to assist and it was decided, with potential high tides, the nest needed to be moved. 102 eggs for Nest #16 were moved to a new nest just past the Club. 

Zone 3: Ruth Ann Henderer and Anne Snelgrove called with no activity.  Their timing was perfect however as their assistance was needed to get equipment to Zone 4.  They carried the equipment in from Boardwalk 1 and stayed to assist in moving nest 15.  They then came to assist on Nest 16. Teamwork!

Zone 4: For the second week in a row, Pat and Bob Derajtys, Tory Kindley and Sandy MacCoss had a crawl.  Sandy MacCoss  found Nest #15 .  144 eggs were moved further back on the dune.

Tired turtlers left the beach feeling sweaty and sandy but smiles on their faces.