Nests 44, 45 & 46

It was a busy day with 4 false crawls and 3 nests. Nest #44 walkers Anne Snelgrove, Melanie Jerome & Gayle Evans found the crawl on Zone 1 in front of the Pelican Watch Villas and Bill & Eileen Middleton probed and found the nest. It was left in situ.The same crew found nest #45 in front of the boats at Camp St. Christopher. The 115 eggs were relocated higher on the beach. 

The crawl for nest #46 was found by walkers Deb Wiehn & Christine Miniman on zone 3 about 200 yards north of boardwalk #6. Judy Morr probed and found the nest. The 94 eggs were moved to a safer location 20 yards south of boardwalk #4.