Inventory Report for Monday, August, 15th

Nest #29 was found by Judy Morr, Jo& Jim Eisenhauer, Richard Glasgow & Isabel Romero. There were 116 eggs andit hatched in51 days.

Shells                   104                  Hatch success            88.8% 

Unhatched eggs     12                 Emergence success    69.2%

Dead hatchlings       5

Live hatchlings        18

Total live                 99

The sand was very compacted. There was a hatchling taken to the water that was just floating and thought to be dead. It got to Terry Fansler's house in the bottom of the trash bucket and when she touched it, it started to move. She  drove back to the beach where she released it and it swam off.


Nest # 30  was found by Judy Morr, Anne Hess Pat Backstrom and 3 other family members, Jody, Ryan and Louden. There were 103 eggs in the nest and it boiled in 49 days.

Shells                      89                    Hatch success           85.5%

Unhatched eggs      14                    Emergence success  80.7%

Dead hatchlings        3

Live hatchlings          2

Total live                  86


Nest # 53 was found by  Bob Mason, Veronica L'Allier and Ginger Seabrook after it had been predated by a raccoon. It was 20 feet below the high tide line and had been over washed at least 8 times. It was moved above the high tide line. At least 24 eggs were lost prior to the nest being discovered and moved. There were 61 eggs relocated and one hatchling track was found on 8/7

Shells                      1                                      Hatch & emergence success   1.1%

Unhatched eggs    60

Dead hatchlings     0

Live hatchlings       0

Total live                 1