Busy Day on the Beach - Nests 3, 4 & 5!

Obviously, the turtles sensed the approach of Mother's Day as they swarmed our beaches last night.

Lauren Helmer, Anne Snelgrove and Barbara Hanson started the morning on Zone 1 with a crawl 100 yards north of Boardwalk #9 in front of the Pelican Watch Villas. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest #3.  Barbara and Lauren helped move the nest of 156 eggs to 175 yards north of the Camp's boat shed.

Meanwhile, Melanie Jerome, Kathy Francis and Ruth Ann Henderer found a crawl just north of Boardwalk #2 on Zone 3.  Sandy MacCoss responded and found Nest #4.  The 124 eggs were moved to Zone 4 between Boardwalk #1 and the first dog sign.

There was also a false crawl on Zone 3 about 30 feet north of the nest.

Back on Zone 1, Anne Snelgrove completed the walk while Nest #3 was being processed.  Jackpot!  She found a crawl south of the vehicle entrance.  Bill Greubel responded after completing the Nest #3 move.  He found Nest #5 with 161 eggs which was moved to the new location for Nest 3 south of the Camp's boat shed.