Happy Mothers Day - Nests 7 & 8!


Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers in our patrol and all the turtle mothers out there. Especially the mothers who came up and left us 5 false crawls and 2 nests today.

On Zone 3,  Valerie and Mark Doane started the day with 3 crawls. Jen and Harvey Gibson responded and found nest #7.  Zone 4 walkers  all went to help Zone 3 a walkers and Jen with the nest and the move of 117 eggs to a safer location on Zone 2.

On Zone 2, Karen Sewell and Judy Benko reported two crawls. Jen and Harvey and the Zone 2 ladies found nest #8  and moved 138 eggs to the new nest down the beach about 50 yards near nest #7.

Rick. Segal then reported from Zone 1 with 3 crawls and pictures of them. Bill and Eileen Middleton were dispatched to check these out. Unfortunately, they wer all false crawls.

A beautiful and productive Mothers Day on Seabrook Island's Beaches.