Nests 13 & 14


Denisa Collins was on the beach to see the Mama of Nest #13 lay the nest and go back to the sea.  It was Denisa's first time to see a mama up close and personal. Jane Magioncalda, Joshua and Amanda Shilko also saw the mama going  back into the sea. What a thrill for all of them. Being on the beach early has it rewards.

Zone 2  Judy Benko found a crawl in front of the third house up beach from the club. Jen and Harvey responded and found Nest #14 with 133 eggs.

Zone 3 - Valerie and Mark Doane with Lisa Hand (walking for the first time) found the crawl for Nest #13 just south of boardwalk # 1. Harvey and Jen Gibson were the first responders.  

Both nests were moved to zone 4 north of the first dog sign.