Nests 17 & 18


The moms like long weekends.Two came in last night and gave us nests 17 & 18.

Nest #17 was laid before the first house up beach from the club on Zone 2. It was found by Karen Sewell and Judy Benko. It was a very shallow nest and 7 eggs had already predated by a raccoon.  Bill Nelson with his two grandsons worked with Harvey Gibson and the ladies to move the nest of now 127 eggs (there were 134 to start) to the nest area on Zone 2. 

Nest #7''s  screen is in the pathway from a house. There are pink flags to mark it and we will put additional signage around the area this afternoon.

Nest #18 was found by Valerie and Mark Doane on Zone 3 near boardwalk #2. The nesting Loggerhead came in and around three times before laying a nest of 113 eggs. The nest was moved to Zone 2.

Zone 4 found two horseshoe crabs in need of help to get back to the water. Amanda and Josh Shilko gave them a ride.

Two more nests and we'll have the record for May!