Nests 19 & 20 - A New Record for May!

With nests 19 & 20 we have broken the all time record for nests in May on Seabrook Island!

The morning began with Bill and Eileen Middleton reporting a crawl on North Beach between Boardwalk 1 and the first dog sign.  Jen Gibson responded and found Nest #19.  The Middletons and Jen moved the 120 eggs to higher ground just down beach from the first dog sign. Esther and Bill, friends of the Gibson's visiting from Switzerland, were thrilled to see the whole process.

Just seconds after the first call, Veronica L'Allier, Ginger Seabrook and Bob Mason called with a crawl just up beach from the Club. Before Bill Nelson could be called to respond, the walkers called with a second crawl just a few feet closer to the Club.  The first crawl was a
false crawl. 

After probing extensively, Bill dug a 6 foot round body pit, 12 inches deep and started probing again. After much effort, Nest #20 was finally found. The 115 eggs were moved  to higher ground about 100 yards up the beach.