Nests 21, 22 & 23 - Hot Start for June!

This first two calls of the morning were from Norm Powers and Deb Wiehn on Zone 3. The first was a crawl  at Boardwalk 4 which turned out to be a false crawl.  The second was a crawl near Boardwalk 1 at the end of the myrtles.  Bill and Eileen Middleton responded and Bill found Nest #21.  The 124 eggs were moved to a new location on Zone 4.

Zone 1 had the most activity today. Melanie Jerome, Gayle Evans and Anne Snelgrove reported a meandering crawl about 300 yards past the vehicle entrance.  A few minutes later they called again with another crawl in front of the Danger sign.  Tim Morawski responded and found the 103 eggs in Nest #22.  The crew moved the 102 eggs to just north of the vehicle entrance on Zone 1.

Meanwhile, Judy Morr responded to the meandering crawl.  After extensive probing, Judy found nest #23. The 98 eggs were moved to higher ground north of the vehicle entrance.

A great start to June!