Nests 31 & 32

We have a late addendum to yesterday's report. Terry and Gary Fansler went to the beach in the afternoon to scout more areas to move nests. Amanda Shilko and Bill Greubel went with them. When they came to the crawl where we had not found a nest in the morning, Bill got out and started probing while the others went on. Bill soon called them to bring supplies to move nest #31 which he had found! 129 total eggs. 128 were moved. That makes it 5 crawls and 5 nests for Saturday. Not too shabby. 

This morning, Valerie & mark Doane &Lisa Hand reported a crawl near boardwalk 2. Jen & Harvey Gibson responded accompanied by their granddaughters and after a lot of probing and digging, Mark found nest #32 with 131 eggs.  The nest of the remaining 127 eggs was relocated to higher ground north of boardwalk 6.

We are moving up the nest count ladder with a lot of early nests.  At this point last year we had 22 nests so we're well ahead of that pace. Lets hope the turtles can keep it up!.