Nests 50 & 51

Zone 3 had two crawls that became nests 50 and 51. Judy Morr and Jo & Jim Eisenhauer were the walkers

Nest 50 was south of the vehicle entrance to the beach.  Prober Trainee Gayle Evans, under the supervision of Sandy MacCoss, found the eggs on only her second day of training. Nice start for Gayle. There were 142 eggs plus 2 spacers in the nest. 135 eggs were moved close to boardwalk 6.  Several eggs were impaled on roots inside the nest. 

Nest 51 was near boardwalk 6. The crawl was found by young visitor Hallie Johnson. She and her father walk every morning. Tim Morawski found the 99 eggs. One egg with no yoke was found broken at the top of the nest. 

We are way ahead of last year's pace and on par with 2015, our all time record year.