Nests 24 & 25 - They Just Keep Coming!

Today was a busy morning on Seabrook Island’s beaches.

Just after dawn Arline DeGennaro and  Pat & Bill Greubel reported a crawl. Terry Fansler, Beautsie Zahrn and Sandy MacCoss responded. Bill, Terry and Beautsie probed and dug up and down the wandering crawl. Finally Bill found the nest which was high enough to leave in situ.

Meanwhile Sandy drove down the beach to respond to a crawl and Loggerhead still on the beach reported by Sarah, Betsy and Chris Quinn. After they made sure the Mama made it back to the Ocean, Sandy found the nest and they all helped move the eggs to a higher location.

With nests 24 and 25 we have 5 nests in the first three days of June. The torrid pace for June, on the heels of a record May provides plenty of reason to be optimistic about a very busy 2017 season!

mama 6-3-17.JPG