Nest #26

On a miserable cold, windy and wet morning on the beach, the turtles rewarded the walkers with several tracks.  Norm Powers called with a track just north of Boardwalk 6.  The Middleton's responded and found Nest #26.  With Norm's help, they moved the 117 eggs  to 200 yards south of the yellow house in Zone 2.

Terry Fansler was walking zone 2 along with a guest from the Newport Kentucky Zoo & Aquarium, Chad Showalter & his family. Terry had invited them to join her on this morning's patrol. There were 2 crawls.One of the crawls had been reported about 8:30 last night by renters who saw the turtle haeding back to the ocean.They actually marked the spot where they thought there was a nest. There was another crawl just 30 yards down the beach. The area was probed by Judy and Terry with Pat Luzadder assisting by digging a few soft areas.  Alas, no eggs were found. A false crawl flag and peg mark the spot.  We hope we are presented in a couple months with babies coming from a hidden nest.