Nest 67 & Inventory Results

Karen Sewell reported four crawls. Three false crawls into the rocks at the steps from the Beach Club and one good one that yielded nest #67 with 102 eggs. Jen Gibson probed and probed and probed some more. Then Karen & Jen dug and dug then used the shovel to remove sand and then probed again and Jen finally found the sweet spot. The nest was moved further up the beach and higher. The bugs were of no help at all!

Inventory Report

Nest #3 was found by Barb Hanson, Lauren Helmer & Anne Snelgrove The nest had 153 eggs and it hatched in 62 days.

Shells                       143                 

Unhatched eggs         10                 

Dead hatchlings           1

Live hatchlings            2

Total live                   142

Hatch success            91,6%

Emergence success   89.7%


Nest #5 was found by Anne Snelgrove. The nest had 154 eggs and it hatched in 62 days.

Shells                        154                 

Unhatched eggs           7                

Dead hatchlings            1

Live hatchlings              1

Total live                    153

Hatch success            95.0%

Emergence success   93.8%