Nests 56 & 57

Lucy and Ray Hoover found the crawl for nest 56 between the flag and the boat storage.. It is in situ and was found by Terry Fansler.

Paula Baram, Charlane Faught and Heather Fife reported a crawl in front of the third house north of the club.  It turned out to be their first nest!! Sandy MacCoss found the nest. The 126 eggs  of nest 57 were moved to the nesting area a few houses north.

There was another crawl just south of boardwalk 6 which was probed and dug by Tim Morawski, Sandy MacCoss, Terry Fansler and Bill Nelson for 2 hours but the nest was never found. The area was marked with a peg, a flag and the date.

Judy Morr, Jim & Jo Eisenhauer  found another crawl near boardwalk 6. Tim Morawski probed but reported a false crawl.

We will be inventorying nest 1 on Saturday, July 8 at 3:00 PM. It is located on 5 houses north of  the club.