2018 Turtle Patrol Season Comes to a Close

The 2018 Turtle Patrol season ended with an enjoyable Year End Party on October 9th and the final Inventory on October 10th.

 Nest 31 Inventory Results

Nest 31 was found by Rob Jerome, Cathrine Scully, Sue Thomas & Mike Vinson on August 13th. It hatched in 54 days.  

Shells                                       67                    
Unhatched eggs                       8                

Dead hatchlings                       1      

Live hatchlings                         0   

Total live                                  66

Hatch Success                        88.1%

Emergence Success                86.8%

 The Turtle Patrol had another very successful season. We added 25 very active new members, our beach survived two storms and the dunes are starting to rebuild.

2019 should be even better!