Nest 10

Walkers Rob & Melanie Jerome, Rob’s sister Ruth, Catherine Scully, Sue Thomas, Gary Holtz and Mike Vinson started the day right with a promising crawl with a body pit 100 yards south of Boardwalk 5.  Bill  & Linda Nelson responded.  After much probing and removal of a layer of sand, the 103 eggs were found 24 inches down.  They moved it back to 200 feet south of Boardwalk 5.  Two screens were alternated on top of the nest to deter the nasty raccoons. 

Unfortunately, on a sandbar almost to the Kiawah River a small headless turtle was found. Terry Fansler, Bill Greubel & Mike Vinson from the Stranding Team gathered the necessary information for the DNR Stranding Report and buried the remains.

nest #10 - 18.jpg