Nests 20 & 21!

Mike Vinson, Rob Jerome, Gary Holtz and Cathrine Scully called in with a crawl  200 yards north of Boardwalk 6 and called back again a few minutes later with another crawl 100 yards south of Boardwalk 5.  Linda and Bill Nelson responded with Linda finding Nest 21 at the first crawl and Bill locating Nest 22 at the second crawl.  Rob and Cathrine moved the 100 eggs from Nest 21 to just south of Boardwalk 5 and Mike and Gary moved the 92 eggs from Nest 22 to just north of Boardwalk 5. 

Things are heating up!!

Nest #21 - 18.JPG
Nest #22 - 18.JPG
Nest 21 Nelson boys Luke, William , John.JPG