Nests 8 & 9!

It was a great morning on the beach.  We have Nests 8 and 9!

Joleen Ardaiolo, Bev Stribling, and Nancy and Joel Pondelik's long walk was rewarded with a crawl near the old pier at Camp St Christopher.  Valerie and Mark Doane responded and found Nest 9.  It was left in situ.

Catherine Scully, Sue Thomas, Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome and Mike Vinson had the real treat of the morning.  As they got between Boardwalks 2 and 3, they noticed an “in” crawl but no corresponding “out” crawl. Walkers along with other people on the beach were able to watch a mother turtle finish laying her eggs and return to the water. Judy Morr called out Bill Nelson who found the nest where the earlier observers said it would be and the team went to work.  Rob Jerome found the top egg in the nest only a couple of inches from the surface and the team (Mike Vinson, Gary Holtz, Sue Thomas, Rob Jerome and Catherine Scully along with Rob’s sister Ruth) went to work moving the 141 eggs to an area about 40 yards below Boardwalk 4.  

mama in myrtles 5-20-19.JPG
nest #8 - 19.jpeg
nest #9 - 19.jpeg