Nests 10 & 11 !

The morning started with a promising call from Walkers Pat & Val Luzadder, Christine Dudzik & Tom Lamb. There was a crawl (just like last Tuesday) right up the access road to Camp St. Christopher. This time the mama dug right in the center of the road. Terry Fansler, Jane Magioncalda, Mike Vincent and Bill Greubel investigated and Bill found the nest on his first probe! Nest 10 contained 118 eggs; 117 were relocated to a new site 50 yards north of the vehicle entrance.  

Walkers Ruby Jenkins, Lori Porwoll, Pam Salvestrini, Francie Segal & Lynda Zegers called in a crawl about 125 yards north of Boardwalk 1. In a few more minutes they called in another crawl 20 yards north of the first dog sign. When the probers arrived, they decided the first was a false crawl and the second turned out to be Nest 11. The nest was left in situ.

nest #10 - 19.JPG
nest #11 - 19.JPG