Nest 12

Walkers; Paula Baram, Heather Fife, Charlane Faught and Brad Masteller reported a crawl near the second house under construction north of the Pelican's Nest. Bill and Linda Nelson probed and found the nest with 123 eggs. Two of the eggs right at the top were broken by crabs which had dug a hole to explore this brand new nest. One of these eggs was used for DNA testing and 121 were relocated to a designated spot about 100 feet away.

 Walkers, Lesley and Tony Gore, Carol Lovejoy, Bill and Susan Miller called about 2 crawls. One was near the vehicle entrance at Camp St. Christopher, the other about 200 yards down the beach. Terry Fansler, Jane Magioncalda and Mike Vincent probed. Terry said both areas look like Swiss Cheese; but no eggs were found at either crawl. They speculate that the wrack in both areas could have deterred the mamas.

 Jim and Jo Eisenhouer and Kathy Hanson called in with a crawl between Boardwalks 4 and 5.   Bill and Linda Nelson responded but as was their first impression, this was a false crawl that never went above the super tide high tide line.  

nest #12 - 19.JPG