Nests 22 & 23

It was a beautiful morning, with 2 new nests and one false crawl.

 Walkers, Joleen Ardaiolo, Beverly Stribling, Joel and Nancy Ponderlik called in with a crawl and body pit near the kayaks. Further down the beach about 150 yards north of the old pier they found another crawl. Mark and Valerie Doane came to investigate. 134 eggs were found in nest 23. the nest was relocated near the old pier. The other crawl was probed and was a false crawl.

 Further up the beach Walkers Bob Mason, Veronica L’Allier, Teresa Smith (Veronica’s Sister). Susan Watts (Veronica’s sister in law). and Ginger Seabrook called in with a crawl behind the yellow house.  Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found nest 22 with 122 eggs.  121 were relocated a few yards away behind the Nelson’s house at a little higher elevation above the tide

nest #22 - 19.JPG
nest #23 - 19.jpg