Nests 47 & 48

Walkers Paula Baram, Brad Masteller, Charlane Faught and Heather Fife called in 2 crawls. A mama walked over Nest 31, (just south of boardwalk 6) knocking down the pole and left a body pit. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda arrived to probe and Jane found the nest. This is Nest 48, which was left in situ behind the 7th house past the club.

Walkers Judy Morr and Kathy Hanson called with two crawls between boardwalks 5 & 6. Tim Morawski investigated and found Nest 47 which is 150 yards north of boardwalk 6. This nest was left in situ.

Again a big thank you to all of our soaked Wednesday Walkers and Probers; the mamas don't seem to mind the rain with 2 new nests and 2 false crawls this rainy day. Since there are no nest pictures we attached a hatchling picture to remind our soggy Turtle Patrol members why they do this.

babyturtlewaving (2)cropped 10-17.jpg