Nests 51 through 56!!

We have 5 new nests!  Plus, the false crawl from 6/7 became a nest. 
Beverly Stribling called with a crawl 60 yards north of the vehicle entrance to Camp St Christopher. The Nelsons responded and found Nest 51. The nest was left in situ with Bill and Beverly installing the nest protection while Linda handled the recording tasks. All existing nests were fine.
Veronica L’Allier, Ginger Seabrook and Bob Mason called with a crawl between the second and third house north of the club. The Doanes responded and found Nest 55.
Sue Thomas, Gary Holtz and Catherine Scully called with 4 crawls.  The first was a crawl 150 yards north of Boardwalk 6.  The mama crawled over the false crawl flag from 6/7.  Bill Nelson found Nest 54.  Examination of the eggs showed them to be older.  It was the nest from 6/7 and it was left in situ.  24 inches away in today’s crawl, Bill Greubel found Nest 56. Both nests were left in situ with the nest protection being overlapped and buttoned up with the help of David Holtz. The Walkers then called with a crawl 125 yards north of Boardwalk 4.  A beachgoer told them the Loggerhead had just gone back to sea.  Bill Greubel found Nest 53 with 110 eggs which were moved to higher ground.  Nest 52 was found by Bill Greubel at the crawl 300 yards south of Boardwalk 2.  It was left in situ. 

Whew!! What a day.

nest #51 - 19.JPG
nest #54 & 56 - 19.jpg
nest #55- 19.jpeg