Nests 66 through 69

Walkers Chris Palmer with Ray and Lucy Hoover called with three crawls all the way to the point. Two of the crawls had body pits. Judy Morr and Tim Morawski responded and found Nest 67. The second crawl was 20 yards further down the beach. After probing, this was declared a false crawl. Another 30 yards down the beach there was a crawl along the escarpment and then a body pit. Tim found Nest 68. Nest 67's 114 eggs and nest 68's 123 eggs were moved behind the old pier, nestled nicely beside each other.

Walkers Ginger Seabrook, Gloria Reynolds, Terry Fansler and Junior Turtle Patrol members Sara Quinn, Amanda and Grant Keiser identified 3 crawls. The first was 20 yards past Boardwalk 7. The second 20 yards further down and the third in front of the yellow house. Tim and Judy again responded. Tim found Nest 69 at the first crawl. It was left in situ. The other two were determined to be false crawls.

Walkers Mimi Montague, Lynne Madison, Karen Preston and Mimi's daughter Jennifer Otten found a crawl 20 yards north of Boardwalk 6. The Middletons responded and found Nest 66 with 145 eggs. The nest was not far above last night's high tide so it was moved higher on the dune, 60 yards north of Boardwalk 6.

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nest #67 - 19.jpeg
nest #69 - 19.jpeg