Nests 31 & 32

Nests 31 and 32 were found this morning along with 9 false crawls. We have now officially passed last year's total. This is also the earliest we've ever had 32 nests.

Walkers Paula Baram and Brad Masteller  reported a crawl right by Boardwalk 6.  Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss, & Jane Magioncalda responded and Jane found the eggs on her first probe!!. Nest 31 was left in situ. Paula and Brad also reported 4 more crawls, all between the Pelican's Nest and the houses under construction. Bill and Linda Nelson, Terry Fansler and Judy Morr investigated the crawls. Bill and Linda Nelson found nest 32 and, with the help of Paula and Brad, put the nest protection over the eggs. The nest was found about 220 yards North of Boardwalk 7. It  was left in situ. The others were all false crawls.

nest #32 - 19.JPG