Nests 39,40 & 41

A nice morning on the beach, with 3 reported crawls and Nests 39, 40 and 41 found.

As Bill and Pat Greubel and Alexa Kinne finished walking, they found a crawl just south of Boardwalk 1. Bill probed and found nest 39. It was left in situ; however the ghost crabs had already found the eggs and 4 were predated. The nest was shallow and Bill built up a small dune over the area to protect the remaining eggs. He felt this was a young turtle as her tracks were narrower than most.
Amanda and Josh Shilko called in 2 crawls, one 150 yards south of the Camp St. Christopher flag and one about 150 yards north of the point. As our Walkers arrived, there was a small group of people in this area who had just watched the nesting turtle return to the water. Sandy MacCoss  Jane Magioncalda & Terry Fansler responded and found Nest 40. 113 eggs were relocated to a designated relocation area in front of the old Danger sign. The other crawl apparently occurred on Thursday or Friday, the crawl and body pit had been partially obliterated by rain. They probed and found nest 41. 104 eggs were relocated just behind the body pit above the high tide line

nest #39 - 19.jpg
nest #41 - 19.jpg