Inventories Scheduled for Saturday, August 3rd

We will inventory Nests 35, 39, 44 and 45 on Saturday beginning at 4pm. We’ll begin with Nest 45 which is located near the lifeguard chair at Camp St. Christopher (boardwalk 9 and turn right). It was found by Joleen Ardaiolo and Bev Stribling. Nest 35 is located 50 yards north of boardwalk 3 and was found by Jane Magioncalda and Laura Logan. Nest 39 is located just south of boardwalk 1 and was found by Alexa Kinne and Bill & Pat Greubel. We’ll finish with Nest 44 which is located 100 yards south of the 1st dog sign and was found by a Kiawah naturalist while giving a boat tour.

hatchling in hand 7-17.jpg