Inventories Scheduled for Monday, August 5th at 4:30 PM

We will inventory nests 33, 34, 47 & 51 on Monday beginning at 4:30 PM . We'll start with nest 51 which is located on 120 yards north of the vehicle entrance at Camp St Christopher (take boardwalk 9 and turn right). It was found by Beverly Stribling. Next nest 34 which is located in front of the 1st house past the Club (near boardwalk 7). It was found by Jackie Brooks, Nancy Shenton & Judy Morr. The third nest will be 33, located between boardwalks 6 & 7. It was found by Mike & Callie Boccaccio, Chris Czander, Terry Fansler & Anna Wechter . Finally, nest 47 located 150 yards north of boardwalk 6 and found by Kathy Hanson, Judy Morr & Jo Eisenhauer.

hatchling aidan 7-17.JPG