Nest 25 Inventory Results

Nest 25 Inventory Results

Nest 25 was found by Eileen Middleton and Kim & Jasper Neath on July 9th.  It hatched in 52 days.

Shells                                      90                    

Unhatched eggs                      5                

Dead hatchlings                       0      

Live hatchlings                         0   

Total live                                 90

Hatch success                        93.9%
Emergence success               93.9 %

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Inventory Schedule & Results

We will inventory Nest 25 on Sunday, September 2nd at 6:30 PM.  It is located 100 yards north of boardwalk 1 and was found by Eileen Middleton and Kim & Jasper Neath on July 9th.

 Nest 24 Inventory Results

Nest 24 was found by Veronica L'Allier.  It hatched in 49  days.

Shells                                      47                    
Unhatched eggs                      6               

Dead hatchlings                       0      

Live hatchlings                         0   

Total live                                 46

Hatch success                        87.0%
Emergence success               87.0 %


Inventory Schedule and Results

We will be inventorying nest 24 at 5 PM on Thursday, August 30th. The nest was found by Veronica L'Allier on July 9th and is located 300 yards north of boardwalk 7.

Nest 22 Inventory Results

Nest 22 was found by Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, Cathrine Scully & Mike Vinson.  It hatched in 49 days.

 Shells                                  49                 

Unhatched eggs                  41                 

Dead hatchlings                    1       

Live hatchlings                      0  

Total live                              48    

Hatch success                     53.2%
Emergence success            52.1%


Turtle Patrol Hosts Boy Scouts

On Saturday, August 25 we were visited by Boy Scout troop 316 from Lugoff, South Carolina.

They drove 145 miles to visit our beaches to learn about sea turtles and dolphins. After camping at the Boy Scout Campgrounds at Wadmalaw Island, they travelled to Seabrook Island and were hosted by Terry Fansler and Gayle Evans. They started their day by hiking to North Beach to watch the dolphins strand feed. Unfortunately, a reckless boater had preceded them by a few minutes. The boat roared through the river at high speed and the dolphins headed for cover. The Dolphin Conservation Education representative on duty (Carrie) was able to provide the Scouts with lots of information about the dolphins but they never got to witness the strand feeding.

The group then headed down the beach to visit a sea turtle nest that was due to hatch. After providing an overview of the sea turtle hatching process and the role of the Turtle Patrol, Terry decided to check the sand for hardness due to the overnight rains to make sure the hatchlings could get out. When Gayle loosened the sand there were a few hatchlings already trying to break through the crusted sand. So, Terry, Gayle and the Boy Scouts helped escort the hatchlings to the ocean. The Troop Leader, Wayne Albright, said that seeing the hatchlings was an experience the Troop would long remember.