Nests 15 & 16

Veronica L'Allier and Bob Mason were the first callers with a crawl in front of the yellow house several houses past the club.  Before the Nelsons could respond they called again with a crawl in front of the 4th house past the club.  Bill Nelson found Nest 15 at the fourth house crawl and moved the 105 eggs back to a safer location with the assistance of walker Joleen Ardaiolo.  The crawl by the yellow house took longer even though the mother dug an 8 inch hole, she didn't deposit any eggs.  It was declared a false crawl.

Rob Jerome, Mike Vinson, Gary Holtz, Catherine Scully, Lisa Devon and Rob's brother-in-law Alan Rich called with a crawl in to the myrtles between Boardwalk 2 and 3.  Bill Greubel responded and found Nest 16 which was left in situ.

Nest #15 - 18.JPG
nest #16 - 18.JPG

Nest 14 - Happy Fathers Day!

Rachel Carter reported a crawl on Zone 3 near boardwalk 2. While talking with responder Bill Middleton another call came in from zone 3 reporting a second crawl. Soon after that Lisa Hand reported the third crawl on that zone. The Middletons probed, later Sandy MacCoss and Judy Morr arrived to help out. One crawl did produce nest 14. It was decided to relocate the 112 eggs because it was too close to the high tide line. The two other crawls were determined to be false crawls; but one looks promising and has been marked to watch when hatching time arrives.

nest #14 - 18.JPG

Nest 13

We have Nest 13!  Walkers Beverly Stribling and Joleen Ardaiolo called from Zone 1 with a crawl 50 yards short of the cross at the far southern end of the beach.  Linda and Bill Nelson responded.  The mama hit the escarpment and went about 15 yards along the reeds.  Starting at both ends of the track, Linda and Bill probed the crawl.  Linda found the nest with 108 eggs. 105 unbroken eggs were moved to a location above the high tide line about 100 yards south of the downed tree.  The Nelson's granddaughter Savannah assisted in the relocation along with Beverly and Joleen

nest #13 - 18.jpg
nest 13 1.jpg

Nest 12

Karen Sewell,  & Betsy, Chris & Sarah Quinn (and friends) reported a crawl just past the Yellow House near Boardwalk 6. Sandy MacCoss and Terry Fansler responded to probe the area. Terry found our 12th nest! Since the eggs were laid below the high tide line, 70 eggs were relocated. The 71st egg was used for DNA research. The new nest is now located just south of the 4th house from the Club. The finer mesh screen was also installed to keep the raccoons at bay.

Unfortunately, Terry and Sandy's work was not done. About the time they got back from the nest, we received a report of a stranded turtle between boardwalks 2 & 3. So they headed out again. Bill & Pat Greubel also responded. They found a dead Kemp's Ridley sea turtle that had obviously gotten tangled in some kind of netting (see photo). Bill completed the Stranding Report for the DNR and they buried the carcass in the dunes. 

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stranding 6-9-18.jpg