Nests 43, 44 & 45

It was a busy morning with Nests 43, 44 and 45 plus two false crawls. The mamas must have liked the high tide.

The first call was from Anne Snelgrove, Gayle Evans and Barbara Hanson with a crawl before the old pier.  Bill Greubel walked in to find Nest 44. The 150 eggs were moved to higher ground by the three palms near the pier. The waves were lapping at the old nest as it was being moved.

There was another crawl all the way to the southern end and up Privateer Creek.  Anne Snelgrove was so confident there was a nest she promised to eat her shorts if Bill Greubel couldn't find it. Fortunately for Anne, Bill found the eggs for Nest 45. The mama had to work to lay that nest as the 153 eggs were in various pockets around tree roots.  The nest was relocated next to Nest 44.
Meanwhile, Melanie Jerome, Ruth Ann Henderer and Kathy Francis called with a sure nest in the private walkway between Boardwalks 2 and 3. It was a sure nest as there were egg shells, crab holes and flies all over the area.  Judy Morr responded and amazingly found Nest 43 without even needing to probe.  A raccoon did the work of finding the nest. Unfortunately, 13 eggs were lost to predation. One of the predated eggs was used for the dna sample. The remaining 117 eggs were moved with the other nests near Boardwalk 6.

Further up the beach there were two other crawls into the myrtles. Sandy MacCoss  responded and confirmed both were false crawls.  No flags were left since they were obvious in and outs.

                                                     Good thing we moved the nest

Nests 41 & 42 plus Mermaids


The morning started early when walkers Melanie Jerome, Anne Snelgrove, and Gayle Evans called with a crawl at the last Pelican Nest Villa. Tides were high so Bill and Eileen Middleton responded on foot. Nest 41 with 123 eggs was moved back in the same area. They were joined by Pat & Valerie Luzadder's Grandchildren.

Zone 3 walker Norm Powers then called with two crawls half way between Boardwalks 2 and 3.  Tim Morawski responded and found Nest 42. The 126 eggs were moved to the area near Boardwalk 6.  The second crawl has been marked with a false crawl flag.

Maintenance on nests 1, 8 & 26 was performed by Junior Patrol members Cooper Cranfill & Alexandria, Christopher & Victoria Potter. They pounded in popped pegs and added sand where needed. Terry Fansler oversaw the operation apparently oblivious to child labor laws.The crowd also enjoyed a rare sighting of live mermaids on the beach. 

Nest #40


We have nest #40 found by Bill and Linda Nelson and Mary Zamora between boardwalks 2 and 3.  It was Mary's first nest! Judy Morr responded and found the nest of 119 eggs with one egg broken in the bottom to the side of the nest. It was used as the DNA sample. The 118 eggs were moved to higher ground near boardwalk #6.

Zone 4 ladies all wore different colored shirts to "call the turtle mamas in". Unfortunately, the rainbow girls came up empty in spite of their efforts.(see stunning photo below)

Nest #39

Walkers Cathrine Scully, Sue Thomas, Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, and Danya Geller with her 2 children, Noah and Leila called with a crawljust south of Boardwalk 2.  Bill and Linda Nelson with Jim Lawrence responded and found Nest #39.  The 60 eggs after the sample were moved south in Zone 3.

Nest #38

We have nest #38 on zone 1 walked by Denesa Collins and her son Bill, They found the crawl 200 yards north of the boat launch past the flag. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss & Beautsie Zahrn responded. Sandy found the nest on the first probe. The 89 remaining  eggs, after the DNA sample, were moved behind the nest to higher ground.

We keep getting nests, A great thing. The season looks super so far. The state of South Carolina is on a roll as well with the best start ever.