Turtle News – Nest inventory and inventory results

Posted on August 19, 2015

We will inventory nest # 51 in Zone 1 (beach walkway #9 and to the right toward Camp St. Christopher) at 8am on Thursday.  This nest was found by Anne Snelgrove and Monica Adams 100 yards north of the first flag at the camp in zone 1. Bill Middleton found the eggs. Following nest #51, we will re-visit # 49.  Then, if we have more activity at nest # 41, we will go to zone 3 to # 41, which is 200 yards south of walk # 1.  It was found by Tim Morawski.

Beach report – No new activity. A man saw a mama turtle on the beach Monday morning  going back into the water near be Beach Club Villas. Terry, Sandy and Rob Jerome and I walked the area yesterday after the inventories but found nothing.

We inventoried nests # 45 and 49 yesterday and we had to close # 49 because the hatchlings were not ready. We will revisit # 49 on Thursday.

The following provides the inventory results for Nest #45….

Nest # 45 was found by Valerie and Mark Doane and Jen Gibson found the eggs. It hatched in 54 days
Eggs in the nest – 113
Shells – 109
Unhatched eggs – 4
Dead hatchlings – 0
Live hatchlings – 1
Total live 109
Hatch success – 95.6%
Emergence success – 94.7%

-Submitted by Beautsie Zahrn