Turtle News - And then there was one

Terry Fansler, Karen Sewell and I opened # 64 and # 68 since they both had been over washed several times and the new is not good.

 Nest # 64 was found by Kathy Maher and Kathy Rigtrup . Bill Greubel and Terry Fansler probed.

Eggs in the nest - 114

Unhatched eggs - 114

 Nest # 68 was found by Karen Sewell and Judy Benko. Jen Gibson and Sandy MacCoss probed.

It was in situ.

Eggs in the nest -  110

Unhatched eggs -  110

 Zone 2 and 3 walkers are finished at last. Thank you for a great job!

 Nest # 69 on zone 1 is the only nest left on the beach. Thegood news is that it has not been over washed so when it is ready to go, it is at 61 days today, we should have a good inventory. See you then.