Inventory Report for Sunday, August 21st

Nest #37 was found by Linda Nelson with Bill Nelson as the prober. The nest had 85 eggs and hatched in 51 days. It was in situ.

Shells                     60                     Hatch & emergence success 69.7%

Unhatched eggs    25

Dead hatchlings      0

Live hatchlings        0 

Total live               60

Nest #41 was found by Anne Snelgrove, Melanie Jerome and Gayle Evens. Judy Morr was the prober. It hatched in 47 days and there were 117 eggs in the nest.

Shells                   106                      Hatch success           89.8%

Unhatched egg      11                      Emergence success   88.1%

Dead hatchlings     0

Live hatchlings       2

Total live              106