Beach Report - Wednesday, May 3rd

It turned out to be a pretty eventful day on the beach even though we don't have our first nest yet.

Zones 3 and 4 had nothing to report.

Zone 2 with new members Heather Fife, Charlane Faught, Paula Baram and Judy Moor walking with them for guidance had a Portuguese Man of War and helped a blue crab and a horseshoe crab back to the water.

All the excitement was on Zone 1 with Lucy and Ray Hoover and Lauren Gilmer finding a loggerhead turtle stuck under a tree in the sand. The turtle was still alive. Bill Greubel, Terry Fansler and Sandy MacCoss responded and with all hands on deck they were able to get the turtle in the truck. Keeping the turtle hydrated, they drove the truck to the Fansler's driveway to await the DNR. At about 10:20 Jenna Cormany from the DNR arrived and the crew moved the turtle to the DNR truck for transport to the Turtle Hospital. We're awaiting news on our rescued turtle's health.