Nests 41 & 42 plus Mermaids


The morning started early when walkers Melanie Jerome, Anne Snelgrove, and Gayle Evans called with a crawl at the last Pelican Nest Villa. Tides were high so Bill and Eileen Middleton responded on foot. Nest 41 with 123 eggs was moved back in the same area. They were joined by Pat & Valerie Luzadder's Grandchildren.

Zone 3 walker Norm Powers then called with two crawls half way between Boardwalks 2 and 3.  Tim Morawski responded and found Nest 42. The 126 eggs were moved to the area near Boardwalk 6.  The second crawl has been marked with a false crawl flag.

Maintenance on nests 1, 8 & 26 was performed by Junior Patrol members Cooper Cranfill & Alexandria, Christopher & Victoria Potter. They pounded in popped pegs and added sand where needed. Terry Fansler oversaw the operation apparently oblivious to child labor laws.The crowd also enjoyed a rare sighting of live mermaids on the beach.