Turtle Patrol Celebrates World Turtle Day

Saturday, May 26th was World Turtle Day. Once again Melanie Jerome, Lori Porwoll and Anne Snelgrove represented the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol at the South Carolina Aquarium's celebration. 

Each year the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol sets up a booth which includes educational materials and interactive activities. The educational materials are suitable for all age groups ranging from coloring books for young children to curriculum guidelines provided by seaturtle.org. One of the things we do to encourage learning is ask the children questions and send them out into the Aquarium to find the answers by exploring the exhibits. They are always very excited to return to our booth with the answers and receive their "Turtle Protection Award".

The biggest draw at our booth is always the carapace of a juvenile Green Sea Turtle. Many of the children enjoy having their picture taken while "wearing" the carapace. Sometimes even the adults can't resist! 

Participation in this great event is an important part of our community outreach program. Many thanks to Lori, Anne and Melanie for representing our Patrol so well.

World Turtle Day 2 5-18.JPG
World Turtle Day 4 5-18.jpg
World Turtle Day 5-18.JPG