Nest 17

We have nest #17. Birthday girl, Stephanie Lea called in a crawl south of the old pier on south beach, they also observed a large body pit. Judy Morr went to probe. The first body pit had a lot of thrown sand, but an uncovered hole in the middle. However, there was an almost indiscernible second pit that looked like it was covered with grass clippings.On Judy's first attempt she found soft sand. Thinking that it was impossible to find a nest on her first try, she probed about 6 inches away and the sand was hard. Stephanie dug and found the eggs. They covered and screened the nest. Nest 17, left in-situ, is 150 yards south of the old pier. This was both Ann Carew and Lisa Murphy's first nest. A great morning for these walkers!

nest #17 - 18.JPG