Inventory of Nest 13 - Results

We had a very unique inventory last evening. The inventory of nest 13 began with breaking through a very hard sand crust created by the recent rains. Once the crust was broken the hatchlings also broke loose as the nest immediately reached a full boil. As it turns out, the reported hatching from 3 days earlier were just the first few that made it out before the rest were trapped by the hard sand. In total, 86 very lively hatchlings made their way to the ocean to the delight of the onlookers who made the long trek to the far end of the beach.

Here are the results of the inventory.

 Inventory Results - Nest 13

Nest 13 was found by Beverly Stribling & Joleen Ardaiolo.  It hatched in 51 days.

 Shells                                 95        

Unhatched eggs                 10          

Dead hatchlings                   1

Live hatchlings                   86

Total live                             94

Hatch success                    87.9 %

Emergence success             7.4%

nest 13 inventory crawlfinders 8-4-18.jpg
nest 13 inventory - 8-4-18.jpg