Nests 44 & 45

Supplement to Sunday's report
Yesterday afternoon a Kiawah Island naturalist on a boat tour spotted a fresh crawl all the way up the river and behind the dunes where the river went before we made the cut a few years back. He contacted Judy Morr and, after conferring with Terry Fansler, she and Bill Middleton took the turtle truck out to investigate. They probed and found Nest 44. The naturalist was still there and gave them (and the bucket of eggs) a boat ride back to the ocean side of the dunes. The nest was relocated 100 yards south of the 1st dog sign.

Monday's Report

We have Nest 45!
Walkers Bev Stribling and Joleen Ardaiolo called at 6:03 with a crawl in front of the last Pelican Watch.  Judy Morr responded and found Nest 45.  98 eggs were moved 100 yards beyond the lifeguard stand.

nest #45 - 19.jpeg