Nests 77 & 78

Valerie Doane called in a very long and meandering crawl going way into the myrtles 150 yards south of Boardwalk 2. Valerie and Mark Doane stayed to probe and found nest 77 with 144 eggs. It was relocated to an area 175 yards south of Boardwalk 2. . Rachel and Marshall Carter and their girls continued walking and found baby tracks coming out of Nest 1. There was still a baby loggerhead making it's way to the ocean which they monitored. After seeing the baby safely into the water they returned to help relocate Nest 77.

Meanwhile, Walkers Anna Wechter, Jane Magioncalda, Joe Ficarra, Tony and Leslie Gore reported a crawl just past the Club. Bill and Eileen Middleton probed and found Nest 78. The nest contained 142 eggs and was relocated to an area right behind the 2nd house past the Club.

nest #77 - 19.JPG
nest #78 - 19.JPG