Nests 52, 53 & 54

WOW!  Another busy morning on the beach with nests 52, 53 and 54!

Deb Wein, Dave Roberts and Norm Powers called first with 2 crawls.  The first was into the myrtles just north of where the horses enter the beach. The second was near boardwalk 4.  The Middletons responded.  Bill started at the myrtles.  After significant probing, he took a break from that site and went to the crawl near boardwalk 4.  There he found Nest 53 and its 87 eggs.  Norm and Eileen Middleton worked together to move it to its new home north of boardwalk 6.

Mimi Montague, Pixie Hider and Lynne Madison reported two crawls on North Beach. Tim Morawski responded.  The first crawl was just beyond the second dog sign meandering into the protected bird area. Tim worked the various potential locations and eventually declared it a false crawl.  
Further down the beach there was another crawl at the bend to the inlet. Judy Morr responded and noted there were broken branches partially buried between the body pits. Probing in that area she found a soft spot and after digging out the broken branches, found the nest with 122 eggs.  Nest 52 was relocated to higher ground about 100 yards north of boardwalk 6. 

Meanwhile. Bill Middleton and Tim Morawski went back to the myrtles.  Tim found Nest 54.  Tim, Judy and Eileen moved the 125 eggs to a new location 20 yards south of Nest 53.