Nests 59, 60 & 61

We were very, very busy on the beach this morning.

We got a call last night from beach goers on their bikes watching a mama coming in to the rack, starting to dig and then going back out to sea. Before Bill and Linda Nelson could investigate that crawl they and Mary Zamara with her grandsons found another crawl and the mama leaving the beach. They helped keep the other people on the beach away from the turtle. Judy Morr then responded and found nest #59, Linda, Mary Zamora and  her grandsons moved the nest of 119 eggs. 

Walkers reported that 1 or 2 hatchlings had emerged from nest #4.  They also had a crawl past the last dog sign close to the river. Judy Morr probed but couldn't find a nest. It was declareda false crawl.

Vicky & Bob Becker, Jane Magioncalda & Joe Ficarra  reported that nest #8 had boiled. They also found some shell fragments and a dead hatchling  in front of the yellow house north of the club. They nosed around and found a wild nest!  It was nest #60 which Bill Nelson marked and screened. 

We then got a call  about 9:45 informing us of yet another crawl at the Beach Club Villas. Jane and Joe went back to the beach to check it out and Judy Morr came back out to help. Jane Magioncalda, prober in training, found nest #61! There were 90 eggs. 

We work hard and long to get those nests. Judy and Jane and Joe were still at it on the beach at noon. That's dedication for you!

Nest #59 - 17.jpg