Nests 62 & 63

Judy Morr, Jim & Jo Eisenhauer and Richard Glasgow found a crawl north of boardwalk 3. Tim Morawski, Terry Fansler and Sandy MacCoss responded and Terry found nest #62. There was a broken egg in the nest and it was used as the DNA sample. The 135 eggs were moved to higher ground.

Sue Scully later reported another crawl in front of the Beach Club Villas. Tim and Terry went back out at 10:00 AM and Terry found nest #63. They moved the nest of 101 eggs around the Club to the nest area 20 yards south of boardwalk 6. There were 2 eggs broken in the nest and one of those was used for the DNA sample.

Lauryn Gilmer sent a picture of the hatchling crawl out of nest #2 We will inventory #2 on Saturday. We'll let you know the time.