Nests 20 & 21

We now have 21 nests in May. This is a new record for the month. The previous highs were 20 in 2017 and 19 in 2015 when we had 70 and 75 nests. Looks like a busy year!

 The first call this morning came in from Amanda Shilko ; she and the other Walkers found one way tracks into the dunes about 50 yards south of the flag at Camp St Christopher. They explored the area and found the lost mama. Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss and Jane Magioncalda were called to investigate. The group managed to get the mama safely into the water. There were body pits and tracks in the area; which were probed with no nest found. As the Walkers; the Shilkos, Kathleen Airhart & Brenda Zack, continued they found a crawl about 100 yards north of the old pier. Sandy MacCoss probed and found nest 21. 83 eggs were relocated close by because the nest was in an area below the high tide line. This was Kathleen’s first nest. Congratulations!

 Alexa Kinne called in with a crawl about 100 yards north of Boardwalk #6.  Bill and Linda Nelson responded and found nest #20 and, with lots of help from Alexa, they relocated the nest back towards Boardwalk 6. 124 eggs were moved and number 125 was held out for the DNA sample.  This was Alexa's first solo walk and first nest. Congratulations Alexa!

nest #20 - 19.JPG
nest #21 - 19.JPG
mama on beach 5-25-19 1.jpg